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There’s hidden gold in your city: The talent and assets (or at least access to them) for building
Cool towns: Stories – How to get people to act: We’ve come to the final entry in this series of Made to
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Cool towns: Unexpectedness – does it get and hold your interest?: Continuing our look at Made to Stick’s Six Principles of Sticky Ideas
Cool towns: Simplicity – the core message: As introduced in the last entry, this week we’ll be communicating how
Cool towns – made to stick: It was published only three days ago, but Made to Stick: Why
The definitive guide to Smart Growth: If you’re looking for one illustrative guide to define smart growth, The
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One-stop shop for potential residents: In the last two days we looked at the Attracting the Young,
Primer on perusing this website: With a quarter million page views last month, it may be a
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The next real estate boom: CNN Money describes what they see as the next real estate boom,
How would your city’s brand stack up in the world?: To get that answer, it’s a matter of asking thousands of people
Jane’s influence: Jane Jacobs was, and is, the sage of urban planning. Here are
Remembering Jane Jacobs: There is perhaps no person in the 20th Century who was more
BusinessWeek recognizes urban movement: The urban movement is indeed gaining momentum, yet it’s still not near
Cities cool enough for a cutting edge website: In keeping up with our impromptu focus on media & resources this
Alternative reading for alternative places: As you may know, the target audience for cooltowns can be classified